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What bigger decision is there in the life of a family than getting the right type of home loan? After all, owning your home is the American Dream, isn’t it? Home loan mortgages come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for home purchases, home construction, or refinancing of an existing mortgage. Midwest Bank provides all types of mortgages to suit your needs. We can offer a line of credit for the construction of a new home, long term adjustable and fixed rate mortgages, VA, FHA, and rural development loans. We can also offer you minimum down payment loans on a home purchase for as little as no money down. Contact our lending professionals today to start working towards your American Dream.

Home Equity Loans

Home equity loans have certainly become popular over the past few years, with numerous financial companies offering you loans against the equity of your home. With all these products out there, it is hard to know what’s best for your circumstances. Midwest Bank can provide you with the necessary information to make the right decision on a home equity product. We have single advance loans and lines of credit available for this purpose. And remember, home equity loans can be used for any purpose. Not only are they used for home improvements, but they are also used to purchase vehicles, fund education expenses, purchase recreational items, in fact, there is no limit on what this product can be used for, and the interest paid on this product may be tax deductible given your particular situation. Feel free to contact one of our lender contacts today to get professional advice on which home equity product is right for you. 

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Christy Flynn, Consumer Loan Officer
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Mike Bell, VP and Quad City Market President
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